Race, a ski addict... He's been skiing ever since he can remember walking, probably even before that... Thanks to his dad throwing him on skis at 2 years old. His friends always thought of him as “that crazy kid” always trying to find trees to climb, and cliffs to jump off when he was out on the lake. He's always enjoyed just about anything that scares the people around him. As he got older he found it more and more interesting to scare himself and overcome his fears by trying to do the things he used to watch in movies or youtube and think was impossible.

Race started to implement this mindset into my skiing by trying to go up to any rock, any cat-track, anything he could get air off of. He's always know about slopestyle and ski racing, but never wanted to compete in either because he wasn't really into any singular category of skiing and always found it fun to bring all disciplines together. Later he found out about Freeride Skiing. He started competing in the IFSA Junior freeride program and started moving up the latter and placing a lot better than he thought he ever would. Fast forward to now and skiing is pretty much the only thing Race cares about or does.


  • 1st place IFSA Crystal Mountain Junior Regional Competition
  • 2nd place Whistler IFSA Junior National Competition
  • 3rd place IFSA Alpental Freeride Open Junior Regional Competition

Most memorable ski moment:

When I landed my first backflip off a mini jump I built in my backyard!

Funniest ski story:

Busting a hole in my bottom lip for the 2nd time in the same month trying to perfect my cork 7. After refusing to go to the emergency room, I went back up and stomped it with blood dripping everywhere.

Craziest thing ever done on a ski:

Double backflip definitely

Favorite Crosson Ski Model:

Imperium/Marauder can’t decide really

Favorite thing about Crosson Skis:

Obliterating any mogul I come in contact with, yet still being the lightest pair of Freeride skis I've ridden ever!