118 - Crosson Ski


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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Tunes for 2 Years!
  • Proprietary Base Structure
  • Hand Made In The USA
  • World Cup Race Tune
118 - Crosson Ski

Bring these, but no friends

  • 188cm

Sticking to your quiver of one is doing yourself no favors when you wake up to that storm that Powder Chaser has been hinting at all week. A ski designed to maximize the deeps is 100% necessary to fully get into it. Bode’s design moves the weight of the skier back to keep you balanced while charging the surf, and a balanced rocker bends naturally under pressure and gives you nuanced control over the tip and tail. We’re not just hoping for best-day-ever with this powder floater, we’re promising it.
  • Tech Specs
  • 188cm: 144–118–134 Radius 27m
  • Approximate Weight: 1845g


Long slow rise

To make the powder ski easier for all ability levels we matched the traditional camber underfoot to a long, slow, early rise.

And don’t forget the camber

We do not love powder skis that feel like hot-dog balloons designed only to float on the surface. We build powder skis that are lively, that want to turn, bounce and respond when asked to do so. And that means some solid camber underfoot.

Balance is power

You know what good balance feels like on a powder day. It is THE feeling. Our shape choices are fixated on achieving that balance - rise, camber, sidecut all in harmony.

Cloud Series Construction

Crosson 118 Organic Vulcanized Rubber

Organic Vulcanized Rubber

Two full-length, full-width sheets of rubber. One above the core, one below. Redefining the meaning of damp.

Crosson 118 Bespoke Cores

Bespoke Cores

Beech underfoot, paulownia in the tip and tail with vertically laminated carbon fiber between the finger joints.

Crosson 118 Hand Polished Sidewalls

Hand Polished Sidewalls

Not only because it looks great and reduces drag but because no detail should be overlooked.

Crosson 118 Prepreg Carbon Fiber

Prepreg Carbon Fiber

Unidirectional light weight carbon fiber allows us to dictate longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics as well as provide as much energy as we please.

Crosson 118 2.3mm Steel Edge

2.3mm Steel Edge

Peace of mind knowing you've got the thickest and most dense steel edge on the market.

Crosson 118 NHS Race Base

NHS Race Base

Sintered nano high-speed graphite infused race base. Fastest base in the world with phenomenal wax retention, absorption, and resilience.