SKEO - Smart Ski Sensors



Crosson is the exclusive North American distributor of SKEO. SKEO (by Snowcookie) delivers accurate information about your skiing technique, intensity, and position.

New features:
  • Universal Alpine Ranking - the only truly objective measure of skiing technique developed with Bode Miller
  • advanced technique analytics, 
  • turn-by-turn edge angles, g-forces, and speed change
  • body position 
SKEO by Snowcookie Kit includes:
  • 3x sensors 
  • 2x adhesive ski mounts
  • one-size-fits-all chest harness 
  • wireless charging pad with a power supply
  • operating instructions
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
*** The new SKEO app will be available for both iOS and Android users 3.1.21
For the time being, please use the Snowcookie Ski Tracker app, available only for iOS users here: