Banks is a professional Skier from Sun Valley, Idaho. He spent eight years in the competition scene before starting his web series Adventures In Transition which led him on a much different path through the ski world where creativity would take priority rather than points and podiums.


Film segments in Level 1's 'Party Cloudy' and 'Less' as well as Match Stick Productions 'Days of My Youth' and 'The Stomping Grounds'
Adventures In Transition Web series. X-Games and Dew Tour Pipe events blah blah blah no one cares about comp results.

Most Memorable Ski moment: 

My most memorable ski moments are the times I get to ski my home mountain when the snow is deep and all of my closest friends are in the fold. Just does not get any better.

Funniest Ski Story: 

This is a really tough one. There have been a lot of these moments over the years. One that comes to mind usually is skiing behind my buddy Cole Wells on closing day at Sun Valley on about a quarter mile of dirt down a steep pitch while he's dressed head to toe in a woman's marching band outfit from the seventies, conductors hat and all, absolutely WHALING on a trumpet as we ski under a packed chairlift. Something about that scene always makes me chuckle.

Craziest Thing Ever Done on a Ski: 

Too many to count. But as I look back I think that hucking myself around a sheet ice halfpipe back in the day while competing was by and large the scariest and craziest thing I ever did.

Favorite Crosson Ski Model: 

The Raider! Marauder when its Deep!

Favorite Thing About Crosson Skis: 

Being there from day one of development, watching the brand grow and the product become exactly what we had envisioned! We make a ski like no one else in the industry, and our quality and performance are what shine through. Proud to be a part of a brand that has taken creative liberties in the stagnant world of ski design!