Growing up in Boise, Idaho, Trevor learned to ski at Bogus Basin. Once they dropped their freestyle program, he joined the Sun Valley ski team and skipped every Friday in high school to go ski. He competed in moguls, aerials, and slopestyle, but was best at halfpipe. At age 19, after moving to Salt Lake City for college, he was ranked 20th in the world in men's halfpipe skiing. He was invited on the world cup circuit, and blew his knee at the Mammoth Grand Prix. The next year, he decided that freeskiing was more important to him than competition, and became a halfpipe coach for Park City Ski and Snowboard. After four great years of skiing the Wasatch range, he retired from coaching and graduated from the University of Utah. Next year he plans on moving to Whitefish, Montana to pursue powder and make a ski movie.


Accomplishments: 20th in the world AFP rankings Men's halfpipe, 10th in the USA AFP rankings Men's halfpipe, Full segment in the Onslaught ski movie - 'Activate', 3rd at USASA Nationals Halfpipe 'Men's Open'.

Most memorable ski moment: Skiing Cardrona, New Zealand in late August. What a wild feeling to experience winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

Funniest ski story:

Every year my buddies in Salt Lake put on an annual 'Brighton Blade Day', where about 50 degenerates on ski blades take over the mountain with crazy costumes and antics. It is an event that is well lubricated and one of the most ridiculous sights I've ever seen. I saw plenty of backflip bails, cliff drops, early chairlift departures, and I even saw a double front flip this year. I'm sure Brighton hates it, but the sports shops in Salt Lake love it, because it's probably the only time their entire ski blade collection is rented out.

Craziest thing ever done on a ski:

I forgot my boots at home the first time there was a park jump big enough to double at Sun Valley. I was so exited about the jump and simultaneously bummed about my boots that I rented a pair of boots from the rental shop that were about 2 sizes too big and landed my first kangaroo flip! I think I was like 14, and it is still something that I think back on and ask what the hell I was thinking.

Favorite Crosson Ski Model:

Imperium 177

Favorite thing about Crosson Skis:

I love the combination of lightweight and durability. It's something you don't see in a ski very much, and historically I've been forced to choose one or the other. I can hit rails, rocks, and large jumps without any delamming or edge cracks, while still feeling comfortable strapping them on my back to go boot-pack a couloir.