Leon is an 18 year old Big Mountain skier out of Alta/Snowbird, Utah.  He began competing as a racer at 8 years old, but quickly switched over to big mountain, which he's been competing in for the past 7 years.  Attending the Winter Sports School allows Leon to ski and travel all winter. Training under Freeride World Tour Oakley White-Allen and current competitor Andrew Pollard has helped Leon jump-start his ski career, earning him the gold at the IFSA North American Championship in 2018, and the Overall North American title the next year.  


  • 1st place at North American Championships 2018
  • North American Overall Champion 2019
  • 13th at Junior World Championships 2019
  • 1st Place Snowbird National 2019

Most Memorable ski moment:

Going backcountry skiing in Verbier with Marcus Eder, Leo Slemmet, Aymar Navarro and Arianna Tricomi the day before the Extreme Verbier finals.

Funniest Ski story: 

While I was hiking up a ridge called Snorting Elk at Crystal Mountain, I punched through a hollow spot of snow and fell in about five or six feet. My friends had to pull me up with their poles, and it took about 15 minutes to get me out.

Craziest thing on skis - Throwing a cork 7 off of a 40 foot cliff to dead flat for the first time in a comp and winning.

Favorite Ski: The Imperium is my go to ski, I like something that is stiff and hard charging, and can shred through crud and powder, perfect for big mountain comps

Favorite thing about Crosson skis: 

The amount of detail that goes into the skis is amazing, and every detail is used to maximize the performance of the ski, from the rubber sheets that dampen the ski to the topsheets.