Ski Tuning

Ski Tuning Services

We offer the most advanced tuning service in North America, bar none. With our state of the art tuning equipment, we provide a World Cup ready tune same day you drop your skis off. With Hundreds of different patterns that can be customized to your personal ski, the possibilities are endless with our Montana Saphir and Crystal Race 3D machines. With our tuning equipment, we're capable of providing every type of tune and repair service possible. Let us take your skiing to the next level.

We are the only shop in North America that offers 3D structures tunes with the Crystal Race machine. This machine provides a high end ceramic edge polish grind on top of a 3-dimension world cup structure. Edges can be tuned up to 4 degrees! 

Additionally, we offer infrared waxing that allows maximum wax absorption and retention consistently along the ski. This process provides a much higher quality job than a traditional, hot-iron or hot box. Our tempature control Infrared lighting is specifically designed to provide your bases with a longer lasting wax service, keeping them fast and healthy for a longer life on the slopes.

Tuning Options


    The IN-N-Out tune includes rust removal, base conditioning, infrared applied wax for current mountain temperature and conditions, buff and polish.



    The Standard tune includes a side and base edge grind with a basic structure. Your skis/board are then waxed & polished for current mountain temperatures with our Wax Master.



    The Pro tune comes with a special base pattern customized to your needs. The Pro Tune includes base edge, side edge, and is hand tuned to your specifics. Your skis/board are then waxed twice on our Infrared wax machine with our base prep. We then wax and polish for current temperatures. Any base repair that requires P Tex is included in this service at not additional charge. This tune restores your bases to better than new!



    The Pro-Race tune includes everything in the Pro tune and is then finished on our Crystal Race machine to have a ceramic polish grind applied to the edges for an extremely fine finish. 



    The Platinum tune is a fully custom tune to your specifications based on discipline and skier type. This includes any p-tex work if neccasary, customized 3D base structure, Race-Edge ceramic disk sharpen and polish, infrared wax and buff. Our Platinum tune includes fluorinated wax and is the most advanced tune you can get in North America!



    We take binding testing very seriously with our special Jetbond S machine. This machine calculates your age, height and body weight to give us a very precise din. The Jetbond simulates a human knee while testing toe and heel failure on your bindings.


Base Structure Options


    This structure has been maximized to channel water on modern wide skis



    The powder structure with the addition of four 3D grooves. On wide skis this truly acts like tread on your tires 



    This is our preferred all mountain ski structure. The Spear structure includes an arrow pattern in the center of the ski for wet snow and finer herringbone lines on the outside edge to ensure optimal performance on the mountain. This structure is optimized for all types of snow conditions. 


  • SPEAR 3D

    The Spear 3D is our Spear base structure with 3D grooves added for optimal performance. Gain peace of mind knowing you have a top of the line base structure for any of your all mountain adventures no matter the conditions. 



    Our Bi-Directional structure has been created for park skis and for anyone who enjoys skiing switch. The structure has been optimized for the ski to travel in either direction and maintain speed whether your tips are pointing up or downhill. 



    The Bi-Directional 3D structure adds two additional 3D grooves to our original Bi-Directional structure



    The Race-Bow structure is a proven staple in the race community and is the base structure of choice for many established racers. The Race-Bow structure is optimized for hard pack/icy conditions. 


  • RACE 3D

    The Race 3D structure has six 3D grooves cut into the Race-bow structure! one of our most impressive racing structures. The Race 3D structure can be the differentiator that sets you apart from your competition. Built to go fast!


Tuning Machines


    The Saphir is our main work horse tuning machine at Crosson. It can do world class base structures as well as base and side edge beveling up to 4 degrees. The side edges are prepared with high precision and fulfill the highest demands in the ski racing world. The harmonious movement of the grinding stone follows the contour of the ski shape during the grinding process, precisely controlling the amount of material being removed in accordance to the geometry of the ski. 


    The Crystal Race Pro is the most advanced ski tuning machine in the world. It can apply world cup proven 3D structures as well as a high end race ceramic disk polish. This is the only machine of its kind in North America! 

    The high quality grinding results are achieved by a series of components developed specially for racing service. All parameters for the service are entered on a large 15“ display. Stone grinding is performed with 8-fold VARIO structures on a 200 mm wide stone. This creates the perfect conditions for optimally adapting the gliding characteristics to all conditions. For edge grinding, 3D-RADIAL Tuning is performed with a 350 mm tuning ring at high precision that produces a perfectly race-optimized edge.


    No irons here! We use a temperature and speed controlled infrared light to bake the wax into your skis. This optimizes wax penetration into the base so your skis stay faster longer. The infrared waxer is also thermo monitored so there is no risk of damaging your base from excessive heat.


    When minor P-Tex work with a gun just wont do, we turn to MRS 2000. MRS 2000 is utilized for extreme repairs. MRS 2000 can coat your entire base with P-Tex to fill in multiple spots in one pass!


    It's critical to ensure your bindings are releasing at the correct din setting. The Jetbond S ensures you have a safe time up on the hill without unnecessary injury due to pre-releasing or not releasing at all. All binding mounts come with a binding test on our Jetbond S. Ride with peace of mind knowing your equipment is functioning properly.