2.3mm Thick, Single Piece, Full Wrap Steel Edge

crossonski Admin @ 2019-09-11 13:39:43 -0700

Precision bent full wrap edges. Our edges are the thickest and most dense steel edges on the market. Having strong dense steel provides piece of mind knowing the ski edge will maintain its sharpness for as long as possible. This paired with our state of the art tuning equipment ensures your edges will be tuned extremely precise and outperform the competition. All skis come factory tuned with a 2 degree side edge bevel, .75 degree base edge bevel, and are detuned in the tips and tails by hand.

Sintered Nano High Speed Race Base (NHS)

crossonski Admin @ 2019-09-11 13:38:29 -0700

Hands down the fastest base on the market. NHS Race Base Delivers exceptional wax absorption and retention while also providing the best gliding characteristics. NHS race base has been used to claim multiple victories on the World Cup circuit. This base is historically only used on FIS race skis as it is very expensive.  

Aluminum CNC Matched Cavity Tooling

crossonski Admin @ 2019-09-11 13:33:34 -0700

Precision CNC machined matched tooling ensures absolute consistency that cannot be rivaled by open molded tooling.

Langzauner Ski Press

crossonski Admin @ 2019-09-11 13:03:39 -0700

With our custom twin bay Langzauner ski press, we are able to create virtually any camber profile on the fly. Just about all ski manufacturers are restricted to using mold blocks for their camber profiles. Our press has 22 chalks across the length of the ski press that can be adjusted by .05mm each. This allows us to make precise adjustments and dial in any camber profile that we desire. We also have programmable ramp, cook, and cooling times as well as temperature and pressure  control. The Langzauner ski press is arguably the most advanced ski press in the world....

Infrared Waxing

crossonski Admin @ 2019-09-11 12:57:21 -0700

We provide multiple coats of graphite infused base conditioner and graphite infused wax to all of our skis. Utilizing an infrared waxer provides optimal wax absorption, retention, and dispersion. We can tune temperature on the waxer and the speed at which it travels to ensure optimum performance.

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