78 - Crosson Ski


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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Tunes for 2 Years!
  • Proprietary Base Structure
  • Hand Made In The USA
  • World Cup Race Tune
78 - Crosson Ski

Slice and carve

  • 165cm

  • 175cm

  • 185cm

There’s nothing like the feeling of a deep carve turn. To really lay it over though, you need to fully trust your skis. A little wider than a traditional carving ski, the Seventy Eight is less reactive to help you cut through the softer stuff while the wider radius gives you the confidence to really increase those angles on the groom. Sporty while still being stable and direct, this ski has grip like no other. If you’re not used to carving you’re in for a ride—and if you think you are, then get ready for a whole new experience.

  • Tech Specs
  • 165cm: Radius 14m
  • 175cm: 130–78–110 Radius 15m
  • 185cm: 134–78–110 Radius 16m
  • Approximate Weight: 1845g


Cut to turn

Aggressive sidecut and a very late tip taper, this allows for very easy initiation of the turn and amazing edge grip and control on groomers.

Less rattle, more grip

Specific placement of rubber in the skis over the edges and near the tip and tail help to dampen the vibrations at high speeds or on rattly snow, improving feel, grip, and edge control for a thrilling but safe carving experience.

Uncanny versatility

The massive shovel of the tip doesn’t just mean turning. It will help with float and control in powder if you jump into the trees for a few turns.

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