Zai Senda is a unique line of premium golf putters combining Swiss-made precision with the innovation and golfing expertise of Zai.

The range comprises three distinctive putter styles: Senda Blade, Senda Hybrid and Senda Mallet. All share the following Zai features:

    •    Swiss-made quality
    •    Solid brass peripheral weighting
    •    Reverse Cavity design
    •    Interchangable Hosel System (HFS)
    •    Hard-anodised aluminium chassis
    •    Senda’s beauty lies in the purity of its design. Anything that does not directly improve performance has been excluded.

The result is a high-precision putting tool which puts the player first, allowing total focus and control.

Zai was founded in 2003 with the aim of building the very finest skis in the world. Today our handcrafted skis enjoy iconic status worldwide – a testament to the uncompromising quality, passion and innovation that goes into every one.


In 2012 Zai began applying those same principals to creating golf equipment. Just like our skis, Zai putters are made in Switzerland to a minimalist design ethos. Anything extraneous to performance has been excluded, resulting in the perfect union of form and function — the ultimate high-precision putting tool.


Senda’s outer chassis is crafted from hard-anodised aluminium, an aircraft-grade alloy that lighter than steel, can be more finely milled and delivers excellent feedback on ball strike.


The face is cut with a 2° loft to deliver lift and top spin, making it easier to control line and length. Grooves milled into the face help forward roll of the ball, and provide a touch that is soft yet solid.


Senda’s ingeniously simple interlocking construction is in keeping with Zai’s ‘reduction to the essential’ design ethos.
A heavy brass weighting element directs weight to the periphery for a higher moment of inertia (MOI).


Surrounding the brass element is a hard-anodised aluminium chassis which is extremely light, yet delivers excellent feel on impact.


Zai’s unique Hosel Fitting System (HFS) makes it easy to configure Senda to your personal putting style. Unlike other putter fitting systems which require bending of the hosel, HFS engineers your custom specifications directly into the hosel during build.


The result is a far more precise fit, and less likely to cause stress points in the area where the putter shaft joins the head. HFS allows over 40 combinations of lie, face angle and offset. Just let us know your preference and we’ll fit the hosel that’s right for you.



Senda blade is all about touch, feel and control. Its classic, sporty lines exude confidence and class, making this blade the sharp choice for purist golfers who favor a no-frills approach to putting.


Featuring sleek, blade-style looks combined with the larger alignment surface and higher MOI of its mallet sibling, Senda hybrid is perfect for the player who demands the best of both worlds.


With an ultra-high MOI, broad alignment optics and a super-sized sweet spot, Senda mallet delivers a competitive edge when you need it. Cutting-edge design, uncompromising performance.