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98 - Crosson Ski



Bindings Add-On



  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Tunes for 2 Years!
  • Proprietary Base Structure
  • Hand Made In The USA
  • World Cup Race Tune
98 - Crosson Ski

Quiver of do anything

  • 165cm

  • 175cm

  • 185cm

The Ninety-Eight is a lively all-mountain ski crafted from the best in racing and big mountain applied in just the right proportions. It’s everything that Bode loves about skiing in one design. Adding a longer sidecut radius gives these a solid platform while progressive early rise helps the ski maximum maneuverability through any conditions. This ski will take you through the soft stuff without hooking and transition to cutting formidable trenches on the groom without hesitation. Turns easy so you can play with speed and turn shapes. Try these all-mountain rippers for a stable, quiet, and beautiful ride.
  • Tech Specs
  • 165cm: Radius 24m
  • 175cm: 124–98–114 Radius 24m
  • 185cm: 124–98–114 Radius 25m


Rise and bend

Progressive early rise and longer radius sidecut for off-and-on-piste performance.

Stability everywhere

A longer functional tip curve radius allows the All Mountain to be incredibly stable and fun on groomers.

Wood Underfoot

The 98mm underfoot and perfectly placed early rise stay stable powerful with our wood core profile