Our most advanced park ski yet
Imperium - Crosson Ski

By Crosson

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  • 169cm

  • 177cm

  • 186cm

The foundation of any quiver is a versatile all-mountain ski capable of dominating any terrain and snow condition the mountain throws at it. The Imperium does just that; dominate. With a versatile degree of camber underfoot and rocker at the tip, the Imperium is primed to edge, carve, float and charge through whatever it encounters. As with all Crosson skis, the Imperium’s carbon fiber construction provides exceptional strength and flex from tip to tail while maintaining a low swing-weight for maneuverability. You'll find yourself ripping high-speed groomer turns on one run and bouncing through the trees on the next. Two sheets of natural rubber throughout the ski greatly dampen vibrations which minimize fatigue, allowing you to charge until the very last chair. Regardless of the snow report, you can toss the Imperium's over your shoulder and head to the hill with confidence knowing you've got the right tool for the job. The ski might as well be named Quiver as it can literally do it all and has no speed limit. We put four years of development into this ski and you will understand why the moment you step in and point your tips down hill. 

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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Hand Made In The USA
Park Groomer Powder
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert
Short Medium Long
Profile (Camber)
Short Moderiate High
Ski Length 169cm
Tip Width: 136mm
Waist Width: 102mm
Tail Width: 122mm
Turn Radius: 18m
Weight: 1,745g
Recommended Mount Location: 78.5mm from tail
Ski Length 177cm
Tip Width: 137mm
Waist Width: 103mm
Tail Width: 123mm
Turn Radius: 19.5m
Weight: 1,845g
Recommended Mount Location: 84mm from tail
Ski Length 186cm
Tip Width: 138mm
Waist Width: 103mm
Tail Width: 124mm
Turn Radius: 20m
Weight: 1,935g
Recommended Mount Location: 89mm from tail



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Whats it made of ?

Crosson IMPERIUM Organic Vulcanized Rubber

Organic Vulcanized Rubber

Two full-length, full-width sheets of rubber. One above the core, one below. Redefining the meaning of damp.

Crosson IMPERIUM Bespoke Cores

Bespoke Cores

Beech underfoot, paulownia in the tip and tail with vertically laminated carbon fiber between the finger joints.

Crosson IMPERIUM Hand Polished Sidewalls

Hand Polished Sidewalls

Not only because it looks great and reduces drag but because no detail should be overlooked.

Crosson IMPERIUM Prepreg Carbon Fiber

Prepreg Carbon Fiber

Unidirectional light weight carbon fiber allows us to dictate longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics as well as provide as much energy as we please.

Crosson IMPERIUM 2.3mm Steel Edge

2.3mm Steel Edge

Peace of mind knowing you've got the thickest and most dense steel edge on the market.

Crosson IMPERIUM NHS Race Base

NHS Race Base

Sintered nano high-speed graphite infused race base. Fastest base in the world with phenomenal wax retention, absorption, and resilience.