Bode miller - limited edition 103 - Crosson Ski


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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Tunes for 2 Years!
  • Proprietary Base Structure
  • Hand Made In The USA
  • World Cup Race Tune
Bode miller - limited edition 103 - Crosson Ski

Bode Miller inspired camo

  • 169cm

  • 177cm

  • 186cm

Introducing the Cumulus 103 updated with a Bode Miller edition topsheet. The foundation of any quiver is a versatile all-mountain ski capable of dominating any terrain and snow condition the mountain throws at it. The Cumulus 103 does just that. With a versatile degree of camber underfoot and rocker at the tip, the Cumulus 103 is primed to edge, carve, float and charge through whatever it encounters. As with all Crosson skis, carbon fiber construction provides exceptional strength and flex from tip to tail while maintaining a low swing-weight for maneuverability. You'll find yourself ripping high-speed groomer turns on one run and bouncing through the trees on the next. Ski your way, just like Bode. Two sheets of natural rubber throughout the ski greatly dampen vibrations, minimizing fatigue and allowing you to charge until the very last chair. Regardless of the snow report, you can toss the Cumulus 103s over your shoulder and head to the hill with confidence knowing you've got the right tool for the job. The ski might as well be named Quiver as it’s the only one you’ll need. We put four years of development into this ski and you will understand why the moment you step in and point your tips downhill.
  • Tech Specs
  • 169cm: Radius
  • 177cm: 136–103–122 Radius 19.5m
  • 186cm: Radius



The Cumulus 103 has a generous helping of camber underfoot and just the right amount of tip and tail rocker to allow you to float in any condition while still maintaining a robust edge hold on hardpack.

Carbon Wrapped Proprietary Core

Beech underfoot, paulownia in the tip and tail. Our proprietary cores are encapsulated in a carbon fiber torsion box for increased response and control.

One Ski Quiver

From pillows to ice, the Cumulus 103 storms wherever it goes. We put four years of R&D into this ski and it stands in a class of its own. The ski excels in all conditions and has no speed limit.

Cloud Series Construction