BootDoc Powerfit Socks - 90PFI




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More performance, better support, and as a pleasant side effect, warmer feet that feel refreshed. BD Power Fit Socks with compression stand out from rivals because of their high-quality workmanship and maximum comfort.


The special technology used for BD Power Fit Socks enables them to provide evenly distributed pressure around the ankle with graduated compression from bottom to top. BD Power Fit socks gently support muscles and tendons during all levels of sports. This helps keep your legs and feet feeling refreshed after even a long day of skiing, running, hiking, etc.


The BD Power Fit design provides stabilizing support for the whole foot. The Power Fit Index (PFI) indicates how strong the overall level of gradual compression is: PFI 50 designates light compression, while PFI 90 is classified as strong and is therefore only found in our performance series.


The Powerfit 90PFI socks are equipped with a unique Tapevene function. The special weaving technology and the high tech materials help to stabilize the foot in the ankle joint area. This reduces the risk of injury while at the same time providing support for the respective foot type.



Product Specs

-The stirrup effect stabilizes the muscle structure keeping the ankle joint in place

-Ideal for accelerating recovery

-Always fit perfectly thanks to elastic zones

-Compression: strong – PFI 90, 18 – 25 mmHg

-Material: 72 % nylon, 28 % Lycra