Avalanche Carbon Shovel


$169 $69.99


At just 16.4 ounces, the Komperdell Avalanche Carbon Shovel is the lightest on the market. It is also highly versatile featuring a full-size blade, foam grip, an extendable shaft, left or right hand grip, and an innovative hoe position for scraping. In soft snow, it even passes as an ice axe in a pinch.



-Full carbon fiber construction is light, stiff, and beautiful

-Steel reinforcement protects the leading edge of the blade-Blade is strong enough for rain-soaked frozen Washington snow

-Angled handle gives a more powerful position than standard flat handles and easily switches for left or right handed use

-Hoe position is extremely useful for smoothing tent platforms or scraping out tight snow cave entrances-Padded grip is comfortable and non-slip

-At just over 1 pound, it is the lightest extendable shovel on the market

-Shovel length: 26.5 inches - 35.5 inches