Reed is a skier from Boston, MA currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is an ex US Olympic development team mogul athlete that is now skiing big mountain. In addition to skiing, Reed loves to speedfly, speedride, kitesurf, and mountain bike.


Aside from winning junior olympics in moguls and dual moguls in steamboat springs, CO in a 2008, I recently won the 2019 sixty 9th annual Frank World Classic at Alta, UT. Winning the Frank has been my greatest accomplishment on skis.

Most Memorable Ski Moment: 

Definitely winning the sixty 9th annual Frank world classic at Alta Ski area in 2019

Funniest Ski Story: 

I love to have fun on skis! Every day is a funny moment but one of the funniest was accidentally telling a waiter, “I am a sausage and fries,” while skiing in France. I don’t speak French.

Craziest thing ever done on a ski:

Craziest thing I’ve done on skis was airing into pipeline at snowbird naked. Image pictured above. 

Favorite Crosson Ski Model: 


Favorite thing about Crosson Skis:

The Power and responsiveness of the ski is like a Samurai sword