Leah is a Former Professional Skier out of Madison, Wisconsin, and spent the better half of the last 10 years living and traveling all over the US and internationally.  She transitioned into coaching near after, and now is one of the Head Coaches of the Park City Freeski Team. Her focus is on giving the kids she coaches the guidance and opportunity to succeed on and off the mountain.  



Rev & World Cup Athlete, Master's Degree in PA, Founder and Creator of Kilos Fitness 


Most Memorable ski moment

When I get to go home and ride my home mountain (hill). I always have the best times riding with old friends and ripping the park there. 


Funniest Ski story

I honestly feel like I'm always being weird on the mountain, but to bring it back to my teen years, I was out in Breck hitting the big line for the first time (our home hill had like max 20 ft jumps), and I hit the last one in Freeway and legit pee'd myself in the air. I just remember being like "holy crap, that was huge," and then having to end my day because yeah... ha. I still get that same feeling sometimes! 


Craziest thing you have done on skis

Honestly Gaper Day always brings out the wild side of me, so pretty much anything on that specific day will be crazy. 


Favorite Crosson ski model  

Leah has not ridden our skis yet as we just picked her up but she is most excited to try the Rogue, and Marauder


Favorite thing about Crosson

Lightweight technology