Annika Paz is an 18 year old skier from Bend, Oregon. She grew up skiing Mt. Bachelor and now rides Park City Mountain Resort. She has been skiing for 17 years and competing for five years now. Her main event is halfpipe, but loves riding through the park or some deep powder! She is currently living in Salt Lake City and pursuing a degree in Chemical Physics at the University of Utah.



February 2017: Bend, Oregon - Big Mountain/Powder Filming with Pro Skier Ingrid Backstrom

December 2018: Copper, Colorado - First Halfpipe Grand Prix at age 17

January 2019: Leysin, Switzerland - Jr. World Championships Halfpipe 6th place

Most Memorable Ski Moment:

In December of 2015 I went on a family ski trip to Chamonix, France. That season had been on the lighter side in terms of snowfall, however, our last day brought us a snow storm. It was like skiing dust on crust, but it was still a blast being able to ski in France. I was skiing down to my dad and luckily he had stopped me when he did. Ahead of us by maybe 10 feet was a giant crevasse. It was pretty freaky to ski by it and see what I would have fell into.

Funniest Ski Story: 

I was just a few months old when my parents first put me on skis. When my parents did decide to put me on skis I quickly developed a strong dislike of chairlifts. I would scream while going up the lifts. However, instead of being overjoyed when we were finally off the lift, I would hold onto my dads leg and fall asleep going down the runs.

Craziest Thing Ever Done on a Ski: 

In February of 2019 I had a few competitions up North in Calgary, Canada. While I was training on the slopestyle course, I unknowingly tore my ACL. An hour later I competed in a night time halfpipe event in -15 degree weather. My second run I took a spill that caused me to tear my knee completely.

Favorite Crosson Ski Model: 

My favorite Crosson ski model is the Rogue

Favorite Thing about Crosson Skis: 

The light weight that Crosson Skis encompass is my favorite feature of the skis. The weight allows for easy take off, yet allows for strong control.