Affiliate Program

”Pow! Real pro compensation.”  Oly, Ski Influencer

Amplifying our world-class ski design, we believe in paying professionals, professionally to recommend our gear.  We offer one of the best affiliate compensation plans in the ski industry! Commission structure includes:

  • 15% baseline commission on sales
  • 20% sales > $1000/month believes in paying pros, professionally. The Crosson Affiliate Program enables:  Instructors, influencers, industry professionals and partners with online tools, promo code tracking, personalized site page, and compensation.

Crosson Ski affiliate program highlights include:

  • 15% commission baseline
  • 20% earning potential (sales over $1000/month)
  • 120-day cookie/referral period
  • Promo code tracking for offline, ambassadors, and social influencers
  • Average order value: $900
  • Open to media and influencer partnerships
  • Two-year warranty on all skis
  • Program managed by GravityFed

Crosson Ski is pioneering of America's most advanced ski design, manufacturing, and tuning service. (just south of downtown Seattle).


We look forward to working with you!


Affiliate Partners: Be sure to communicate to your audience a number of consumer perks including a factory-delivered race tune, two-year warranty on the skis, and 10% off store-wide for all Crosson Ski owners. There will be plenty of promos, incentives and content to share, so join us today and be a part of our inaugural affiliate team!